Are you a charter boat captain?

Are you tired of not getting your share of the Internet boom other charters get from booking online?

Don't have time to work the details to get more traffic to your website?

On a tight advertising budget?

Look no further, we have your solution. Heard that before, RIGHT!


Q) How long will my membership fee carry my membership?

A) One year from your join date?

Q) How many charters will be accepted for any given port?

A) The number of charters accepted per port is unlimited.

Q) My charter's name begins with a letter at the bottom of the alphabet, will there every be a listing rotation installed for the Standard membership like the one provided for Executive membership.

A) No, the sheer number of possible charters per port prohibits this type of rotation. We suggest you upgrade to an Executive Listing.

Q) How can I save money on my membership fees?

A) For each paid member you refer to our website, you will receive 20% of their membership amount as a credit towards your next years renewal. Each subsequent year your referral renews you will receive 10% of their renewal as a credit toward your next renewal. Build up 10 referrals your Standard membership is FREE or you could use your credits to help upgrade to an Executive membership.

Q) What keywords are to be used for the PPC campaigns?

A) A list of the current keywords can be found by clicking here.

Q) May I suggest keywords to be added to the PPC campaigns?

A) Yes you may, the are a few criteria that need to be met. 1) The keyword must benefit more than just your particular port or area; 2) It must be a phrase that has enough search volume to be activated and maintain activation based on each search engine's PPC criteria.

Q) If I close my membership early in any given year of membership, am I entitled to a pro-rated refund of my membership fee?

A) We base our PPC budget on TOTAL membership for the year, because of this, no refunds will be issued under any circumstances. You may however, transfer your membership to a charter that is not yet a member and the pro-rated unused portion of your membership will be credited to their initial membership.