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Mouse over an anchor to see the Port name. Click an anchor for the list of charters from that port. Click a State or Canada for an entire list of charters from that area.
Mouse over an anchor to see the Port name. Click an anchor for the list of charters from that port. Click a State or Canada for an entire list of charters from that area.

"Lots of interest, calls and emails - four bookings already, I am very happy with your efforts! The right side banner advertisement has made a big difference."

Capt. Rick - Dunlap Charters

"I've already gotten one booking from my Executive listing!!"

Capt. Mel - Windrift Charters

This resource was created out of a necessity to simplify YOUR search to find the perfect Lake Erie fishing charter for your next fishing trip. Over the past several years the Internet has been a growing force for fishing charters to display their services and talents ONLINE, yet as these captains add their websites, grow their online presence it has become ever more complicated for YOU the consumer to sort through the results given you by search engines. Search engines frankly have no interest in giving you a concise and complete list on one page for you to review and choose where you may want to surf next. They give you a never ending list of that continues page after page after page .... you know exactly what we mean.

2009 Lake Erie Sport Fishing Outlook is Promising
Walleye and yellow perch anglers should enjoy good fishing opportunities

With our new resource that has ALL changed. You are truly a click or two away from an entire list of fishing charters for the area of Lake Erie you intend to fish next. All you do is click the port nearest your desired fishing location and select from the list of fishing charter businesses in that area. If you want a quick comparison chart to show you details such as how many years in business, how many boats a charter may have, prices for certain trips, is the charter a full time business or part time, etc. Think of us a fishing charter comparison shopping resource.

Now keep in mind price may not be the only factor that should guide your decision, as the old adage you get what you pay for may apply!!

Bookmark this resource because as time progresses we intend on offering pages that charter businesses can use to highlight open dates, special package offers, special holiday pricing, etc. Something like a certain retailer was known to use ... "blue light specials", here now gone later. That is a great reason to sign up for our opt in mailing list which will notify you by email of special offers when they are posted.

Special related links will be developed over the next several weeks and months which will offer you outside resources related to increasing your fishing experiences. These links will include lure manufactures, tackle manufacturers, restaurants, hotels & motels and local land lover "hot spots" just to name a few. All these Lake Erie links will of course be itemized and available in the port of your choice!! Note: Another reason to join our opt in mailing list!

Our service is not and will not be another way to overwhelm you with information, but a simplified resource to help you get all you can from your next Lake Erie fishing experience.

See something we've missed, a way we can improve? We want to hear from you! Just click the "Contact Us" button in our navigation area.

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